Admissions — Associate Degree and Continuing Education

Making the Decision

Whether you're a high school student choosing a career and considering an Associate Degree or already in business and want to improve your prospects through continuing education, the college you choose is an important decision.

During our admissions process we do our best to help you make the deeply personal and important choices that are right for you.

If you need help planning a career or clarifying your goals, we'll help you. And we'll make sure you understand exactly what is offered here and exactly what is expected of you.

We'll also do everything we can to help ensure success and happiness in your career.

Facts to consider

The Hubbard College of Administration Associate Degree program offers knowledge you won't find at any other educational institution. L. Ron Hubbard's Administrative Technology is used throughout the world because it has been found to work with unprecedented effectiveness and success.

Our method of education, using Study Technology, is also in broad use in many countries — again, because it has proven to be successful.

We don't simply fill your head with facts and figures. Our Apprenticeship and Internship programs ensure a strong focus on practical application.

You will be able to use what you learn.

No matter what your career goals are, whether you want to work in the non-profit sector, in business or as an entrepreneur, even if you want to go into politics or become an artist, your education here will prepare you for success.

Our Lifetime Warranty will ensure you're always prepared to handle any situation. And our lifetime job placement assistance gives you access to our many business contacts and alumni around the world.

But you will have to weigh these facts, and others. And you will have to decide.

As part of this process, we encourage you to visit us to see in person what we have to offer, talk to our faculty, see what our graduates have accomplished and speak with students who are already enrolled.

Call us today to arrange a tour