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"When I began practicing dentistry I was eager to service everyone. After all, that is what doctors do. However, I had no management technology and found myself frustrated and stressed out. I was constantly looking for an answer to improve as a person and improve my practice. After being in the field of dentistry for six years and only getting by with great effort, I was introduced to the Hubbard Management Technology and began to apply it to my practice. I saw results instantly in myself and my practice. My stats sky rocketed."

— Dr. Juan Villarreal
Owner of one of the largest dental practices in the US

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The Art Of Selling

Why do salesmen talk so much? Come to this workshop and find out.


Learn the reasons behind why...

The Art of Selling
  • Objections create pressure to discuss things
  • Some prospects ask a lot of questions but don't open up
  • Uncertainty on how and when to close the deal prompts nervous chatter
  • Salesmen think they have to solve every problem the prospect mentions

This workshop has helped thousands of salespeople identify how to boost their performance and improve relations with customers.

Tuition: $695.00 (including materials)
Instructional clock hours: 10
Continuing Education Credits: 1 CEU


All Hubbard College workshops may be conducted on-site.

Before delivery of an on-site corporate workshop, Hubbard College conducts a needs survey to determine existing circumstances and desired results. Workshops are then tailored to those needs of the company. Taking advantage of providing Hubbard College workshops directly to employees increases teamwork and development of needed skills.

The fees for a corporate workshop depend upon location, number of attendees and subject matter.

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