Grading Standards

Pass With Honors (PH)

The student completes all course work within the expected time period and receives 100% on the examination and a "pass with no correction" on all Apprenticeship and Internship assignments.

Pass (P)

The student has completed all course work and received a score of 85% or higher on the examination and a "pass" on all Apprenticeship and Internship assignments.

Credit by Examination (CE)

A student who has received credit for a course by taking the examination and receiving a score of 85% or higher will have this credit applied toward his program. The transcript will reflect that this credit was awarded by examination.

Failure (F)

The student receives a score of 84% or lower on the examination and/or a "no pass" on Apprenticeship and Internship assignments. The course must be repeated in order to complete a program.

Incomplete (I)

The student did not complete all requirements of the course at the time of grading. Incomplete grades will be given only when unusual circumstances beyond the student's control prevent completion of the work in a particular course. Incomplete grades and arranging for the completion of course work must be approved by the course supervisor. In the absence of extenuating circumstances, remaining course work must be completed within three weeks of the targeted completion date or the incomplete grade automatically becomes a "Failure."

Withdrawal (W)

The student voluntarily withdrew from the course or was dropped from the course. Students will be informed of their progress in each course on a regular basis by marks given on examinations, papers and other assignments.

Repeating Courses

Any course may be repeated regardless of the grade earned. If a course is repeated, the transcript will note that the course was repeated.

Change of Grades

Grades submitted by faculty at the end of each course are not subject to revision on the basis of additional work or a new examination. If a student questions a final grade, the student should first discuss the grade with the Qualifications Secretary. If the student still feels the grade is not appropriate, the student may request a hearing before the Grade Review Committee.


Credits - a credit represents the work of at least 30 course, apprenticeship or internship hours. Grades and Quality Points - grades are given for each course attempted, based on the following numerical value and quality-point rating.


PH Pass With Honors (Excellent) 4.00
P Pass (Good) 3.33
CE Credit by Examination (No Quality Points Computed)  
F (Failing) 0.00
I (Incomplete) 0.00
W (Withdrawal) 0.00

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